Thursday, March 1, 2007

Item list

  • French Vintage Poster
  • Oldies Movie Poster
  • Vintage Personalized CDs
  • Collage:

-Vintage/Retro Collage

-Musical Collage

-Conceptual Collage

-Pop Culture themed Collage

  • Ribbons:

-Neon colored ribbons (5-15 pieces)

-Thick Ribbons (5 pieces)

  • Portfolio:

-Fashion Portfolio

-Pop Culture Portfolio

-Music Portfolio

-Retro 60s mushion Portfolio

  • Handmade Paper
  • Artistic Ancient Map
  • Stickers:

-60s stickers

-Cute stickers

  • Stationeries:

-Ready-made stationeries

-Handmade stationeries

  • Felt Paper (handmade)
  • Accessories:



-Hair scrunchies

  • Beads (Sack 'o Beads)
  • Kawaii pack
  • Knee-high socks
  • Handmade Journal
  • Handmade Notebook
  • Handmade Notepad
  • Handmade Bookmarks
  • Vintage Trading Cards
  • Felt scrapbooking decorations
  • Autobiography Poster
  • Keychains

Do you have anything particular that you want me to do? E-mail me at kaleidofiction[at]yahoo[dot]com and we can work out the details.

Payment depends on the item. Please remember that large items cost more. Expansion of this Item list is done shortly. Please be patient until i find the right time to post the items' pictures.

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Terms and Conditions

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1.) Please click here and fill out the required information. Make sure the entries are correct. There should be no misspelled words and inappropriate phrases.

2.) It is my responsibility to send the correct item/s. Before anything else, please make sure everything is confirmed before both sides make an action.

3.) Shop items are not for swapping unless you send a picture or a review/description of the things you want to exchange the shop items with.

4.) Gift certificates are only allowed for a maximum of 2 persons only (member/owner and extension). Borrowing of gift certicates are restricted. $10 Gift cards/certificate are free of charge the first time you buy an item.

5.) Payments are sent thru snail mail. Since this is just a small shopping, it would be possible to do it the easy way.

6.) I am not responsible for any damage or lost package unless there is proof of my mistake.
7.) I recommend applying as an affiliate if you intend to buy multiple items either the same time or different dates. Click here to be an Affiliate.

8.) Shipping is free for every use of $100 gift certificates in the area of Asia. 50% off in US and Canada only. And 25% off in other locations.

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